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Hills Mini Clothesline

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Hills Mini Clothesline

You get it. Outdoor line drying reigns supreme.

So how do you deal with your undergarments without compromising its fabric integrity and elasticity while preserving your dignity?

Not with the harsh and expensive spin cycle, you don’t.

With the Hills Mini Folding Clothesline, of course!

7 metres of line space.
6 PVC lines with 3.5mm thickness and 70mm line spacing.
Easy to assemble and install, plus, it fits single sized sheets and linens!

With just 1.3m x 1.1m area requirement, it will fit perfectly inside your bathroom, kitchen, or wherever there is a discreet, easy-access wall space available.

Now, that’s the prim-and-proper way of drying your sexy little things and lingerie.

About the Hills Brand Clotheslines

The famous line of the Hills Brand Clotheslines is known for its iconic design, premium quality, and ubiquitous functionality that has been known, widely used, and well-loved in many Australian homes since its inception and production for almost three quarters of a century now.

The rise of the Fold Down Clothesline range gives heed to the pervasive need of small families and large households alike living in rental units, apartment complexes, and strata areas.

The practical fold down design is compact and streamlined enough to satisfy the limited installation availability while maintaining its tough construction for all-weather drying.

The flexible indoor outdoor feature of the Fold Down Clothesline range gives freedom to the homemaker to use it where it is most needed – wherever there is direct sun exposure, where there is available cool breeze, or where there is just enough air circulation or agitation to dry the clothes – without energy consumption.

What’s in the Box:

1 x Compact Clothesline Frame
1 x Clothesline Cord (Beige)
1 x Instruction Manual

Customer-Centred Service

Not satisfied with the clothesline unit you purchased? Return the product and you are entitled to a full refund within a 100-day period because we only want what’s best for your specific drying requirements.



    Brand Hills
    Width Across Wall 1.2m
    Depth Off Wall 0.6m
    Total Line Space 7m
    Compatible with Cover? No
    Area Required 1.3m x 1.1m
    Warranty 10 Years
    Number of Lines 6