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Hills Hoist 8 Line Clothesline

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Hills Hoist 8 Line Clothesline

We live in a turbo-charged, fast-paced world where everything must be served in a heartbeat.

But when it comes to dealing with large batches of laundry load, never heed to the sweet, swift call of your dryer.

This kind of instant gratification can only lead to rising energy cost on a monthly basis, premature wear-and-tear of your beloved clothing pieces, and a whole load of toxic chemicals dumped to poor Mother Nature.

With a large outdoor space waiting to be utilised, and the sun’s natural bleaching and disinfecting power at your service, you can keep up with all your laundry loads with the amazing Hills Hoist 8 Line Clothesline.

A whopping 58 metres of total hanging space for 6 or more persons. Enjoy fresher-smelling, better-looking, and longer-lasting clothes in a jiffy – without the consequential high electric bill.

Ask the Installers:

If I purchase a new Hills Folding Rotary Clothesline unit, will I be able to use my old ground sockets?

Yes, if the unit was manufactured after 1986. However, all Hills products with green metal handle casing made from 1975 up to 1985 won’t fit into it.

If I purchase new ground sockets, will I be able to use my old Hills Folding Rotary Clothesline unit?

Yes, if the ground sockets were manufactured after 1986. However, it won’t be compatible with older Hills products from the 1975 to 1985 era because these have a metal socket and equipped with 8 bolts.

How do I operate the height adjusting winding mechanism?

It can be adjusted through its built-in automatic device that makes a ‘clicking’ noise when you’re trying to raise or lower the handle.

How do I remove the unit from the ground socket?

Rotate the locking collar in a counter-clockwise direction. Lift the unit from the ground socket. Cover the top of the ground socket.

How do I ensure maximum drying efficiency of the unit?

  • Raise the hoist to its maximum height to allow proper clearance for longer items. 
  • Hang thick and bulky items over more than one line. 
  • When doing light or quick loads, hang items on the outer lines to allow the unit to spin more easily in the breeze and dry your clothes faster. 

What is Included:

  • 1 x Pre-Wired Folding Rotary Clothesline 
  • 1 x Ground Socket 
  • 1 x Instruction Manual 

Why Buy from Us

You have the privilege of a full refund within a 100-day period for any clothesline product purchased from us. A satisfied customer is what we want YOU to be when you choose us as your clothesline supplier and installer!



    Brand Hills
    Suitable For 5 or More People
    Total Line Space 58m
    Outside Line Length 2.83m
    Warranty 10 Years
    Diameter of Head 4m
    Will Fit King Size Sheets? Yes
    Space Recommended 5m
    Number of Lines 8
    Ground Socket Included Yes