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Hills Everyday Single Clothesline

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Hills Everyday Single Clothesline

Little things add up.

Yes, we’re talking about your overpriced early-morning lattes and those regular dining-out/fast-food drive-thru/happy-hour splurges.

And that also refers to your regular tumble drying efforts at home.

But we don’t want you to sacrifice convenience for the mere sake of frugality.

We don’t want you to be a penny-pinching hermit who wallows in misery.

We care about you being intentional with your money.

We care about you being budget-conscious – so that you can spend it on things that matter most to you.

Start by skipping the expensive spin cycle.

The Hills Everyday Single Fold Down Clothesline can help you achieve that goal.

21 metres of total hanging space. Same specifications as the Hills Single Fold Down Clothesline – but at a much cheaper price.

Ask the Installers:

How do I keep the lines properly tensioned?

Each Hills Folding Frame Clothesline product has its specific line configurations and threading patterns.

To avoid lines from sagging or slacking, feed the line through the Line Sleeves until you achieve its proper line tensioning form.

How do I keep the unit in its optimal drying efficiency?

  • Use for air drying, flat drying, or drip drying clothing items and other household garments only. 
  • Discontinue its use if there are worn out or damaged parts. Get proper repair and replacement. 
  • Be mindful of raising or lowering the frame to avoid destroying any part of the unit. 
  • Never allow children or pets to swing on the unit or on laundry items to prevent premature sagging or slacking of lines. 
  • Regularly wipe the lines with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Never use oil or any type of lubricant to clean the unit. 

What you get:

  • 1 x Clothesline Frame 
  • 1 x Standard Clothesline Cord 
  • 1 x Instruction Manual 
  • 4 x Fasteners 

Our Product Guarantee

Enjoy a full refund within a 100-day period when you return any clothesline product you’re not satisfied with. Your two-thumbs up approval is all we want when you do business with us.  



Brand Hills
Country of Manufacture China
Suitable For 1 - 2 People
Width Across Wall 2.2m
Depth Off Wall 1.2m
Total Line Space 21m
Number of Lines 10
Area Required 2.3m x 1.7m
Compatible with Cover? Yes
Warranty 10 Years