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Hills Everyday 6 Retracting Clothesline

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Hills Everyday 6 Retracting Clothesline

  • Who would have thought it… a simple 855mm wide x 110mm high x 130mm deep cabinet can carry the laundry load of up to 7-person household? 
  • 6 high quality lines that can extend 2 metres minimum and 6.5 metres maximum to accommodate different types of clothing items including king sized sheets? 
  • 39 metres of total hanging space that can take on at least 2 full laundry loads… no wonder your drying task effort and time is cut in half! 

The Hills Everyday 6 Retracting Clothesline is built to wipe away your small-space problems and costly tumble drying ways for good.

And it’s ready for yours.

Mounting Installations:

The Hills Retractable Clothesline is pre-assembled and perfectly ready for wall-to-wall installation on stone, brick, or mortar for indoor or outdoor use. Post to post installation will require proper post kits and post sockets.


Lines are equipped with a high quality tensioning system. To avoid personal injury or property damage, make sure to have proper control over the lines as you extend or retract. Never extend or retract unmindfully.


Masonry anchors are not included with the product. Purchase the most suitable wall fasteners from your local hardware store.

Item inclusion:

  • 1 x Retractable Clothesline 
  • 1 x Receiving Bracket 
  • 1 x Instruction Manual 

Your vote of confidence is what matters most

Any clothesline product you buy comes with a full refund guarantee within a 100-day period – no questions asked, no explanations needed. This is the kind of assurance you will get when you choose us as your clothesline provider.  



Brand Hills
Suitable For 5 or More People
Number of Lines 6
Total Line Space 39m
Maximum Line Extension 6.5m
Minimum Line Extension 4m
Cabinet Width 0.855m
Cabinet Depth 0.13m
Cabinet Height 0.11m
Warranty 10 Years