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Folding Frame Clothesline Cover

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Folding Frame Clothesline Cover

The Clevacover Folding Frame Clothesline Cover is specifically designed with the main purpose of providing complete protection:

  • From rain or moisture – so your clothes won’t have that lingering funny odour or itchy feeling 
  • From direct sun exposure – so your clothes won’t have premature fading due to its harsh UV rays 
  • From dirt and dust on a particularly windy day – so your meticulously washed clothes will dry spotless as it can be 
  • From bat poo or bird droppings - so you don’t have to re-wash your clothes of those stubborn stains that smell really bad 

The design of the Clevacover Folding Frame Clothesline Cover allows for compatibility with any depth of most fold down washing line or any fold down laundry line units with diameters of 2.1 metres up to 3.3 metres. 

Why fit your fold down clothesline with the Clevacover Folding Frame Clothesline Cover?

  • Has a modern ‘A’ frame design to ensure quick and proper water runoff so that it won’t encumber the unit 
  • Allows surplus material to hang over the rear end of the clothesline unit 
  • Its support bar is flexible enough to be adjusted according to the lines of the clothesline 

What You Get:

1 x Cover
1 x Metal poles support system
2 x Straps
2 x Hooks
2 x Brackets
1 x Instruction Manual

Customer-Centred Service

Not satisfied with the clothesline unit you purchased? Return the product and you are entitled to a full refund within a 100-day period because we only want what’s best for your specific drying requirements.



    Brand Clevacover
    Waterproof Yes
    Size Options 2.1m to 2.4m, 3m, 3.3m
    Colour Beige


    Note: The use of a cover on your clothesline or clothes hoist does void any warranty claims with the clothesline manufacture.