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Eco 120 Clothesline

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Eco 120 Clothesline

Why is the Eco 120 Clothesline your dream compact drying solution?

  • Versatile enough to be drilled indoors or outdoors 
  • Durable enough to withstand the harsh UV rays of the sun or the constantly wet environment of the bathroom 
  • Flexible enough to be cut down to fit narrow, tight, or awkward wall spaces apartments or townhouses 
  • Perfect for drip drying or flat drying undergarments, delicate clothing items, and other smaller stuff 

Get the standard ground mounting kit: This is the most common type of accessory kit for the Eco 120 Clothesline, specifically designed for drilling onto soil or grassy areas.

Purchase the plated ground mounting kit: This is the right accessory kit when you have an existing concrete surface available for installation. Instead of core drilling or using a jack hammer for making holes, all you need to do is bolt the posts down onto the designated area.

Schedule an installation visit: If you want to benefit from the amazing Eco 120 Clothesline as soon as possible.

What is Included:

  • 1 x Clothesline Frame 
  • 1 x Standard Clothesline Cord in Cream Colour 
  • 1 x Instruction Manual 
  • 4 x Wall Anchors & Plugs 

Modern Colorbond Colours

Whatever colour scheme or overall style you have for your home, it won’t be for the Eco 120 Clothesline to blend in – with its 25 Colorbond colour options to choose from. Optimum drying efficiency and harmonious design at its best, with no additional expenses.

Why Buy from Us

You have the privilege of a full refund within a 100-day period for any clothesline product purchased from us. A satisfied customer is what we want YOU to be when you choose us as your clothesline supplier and installer!  



Brand Eco Clotheslines
Country of Manufacture Australia
Suitable For 1 - 2 People
Width Across Wall 1.2m
Depth Off Wall 0.6m - 1.5m
Total Line Space 7.2m - 16.8m (Add 3.6m with optional Lowline Attachment)
Warranty 10 Years
Number of Lines Multiple Line Options
Choose Your Colour 10 Colour Options
Area Required 1.3m x 1 - 2m
Compatible with Cover? No