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Daytek Classic Slim Fold Down Clothesline

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Daytek Classic Slim Fold Down Clothesline

Your mission: get your clothes dry into perfection without ever relying on your dryer (which is way too noisy to operate and way too expensive to maintain) or hanging them on your furniture (which can cause staining or discolouration). Now, how to make it possible with your little available space in a cramped rental unit…

Specifically designed for constricted apartment living, the Daytek Classic Slim Fold Down Clothesline allows you to have a decent hanging line for your laundry without the demanding wall space requirement.

With 11 metres of total hanging space that can fit double sized sheets, it contains all the features of the Daytek Classic Single Fold Down Clothesline but with the advantage of less depth.

Now, you can line dry in the most dignified way possible even in the most constricted space available.

The Daytek Distinct Difference

The Daytek Fold Down Clothesline Range is distinct in its design and function for optimal compatibility with narrow, tight, and awkward installation spaces.

It can be drilled on an existing flat wall outdoors for maximum sun exposure or installed on any sturdy mounting surface indoors to provide hanging lines within arm’s reach.

Whichever way it is used, any product from the Daytek Fold Down Clothesline Range doesn’t need high installation requirement and such a breeze to fold down for minimal visual impact.

The distinct design and function of the Daytek Fold Down Clothesline Range makes it one of the strongest and longest lasting products of its type in the market today. No wonder the Australian Design Council bestowed it the Good Design Award in 2013.

Item inclusion:

  • 2 x Pre-Assembled Side Arms 
  • 1 x Front Bar (In Twin Fold Down unit x 2) 
  • 1 x Installation Manual 
  • 2 x Plastic Corner Elbows (In Twin Fold Down unit x 4) 
  • PVC line cord 


Wall fittings and/or masonry anchors are not included in the product delivery. Contact a reputable hardware store to supply you with the right components for your specific mounting installation setting.

Customer-Centred Service

Not satisfied with the clothesline unit you purchased? Return the product and you are entitled to a full refund within a 100-day period because we only want what’s best for your specific drying requirements.  



Brand Daytek
Suitable For 1 - 2 People
Width Across the Wall 2.24m
Depth Off Wall 0.70m
Total Line Space 11m
Number of Lines 5
Space Between Lines 72mm
Area Required
Compatible with Cover Yes
Warranty 15 Years