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Daytek Classic Mini Fold Down Clothesline

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Daytek Classic Mini Fold Down Clothesline

Meet the clever space-saving clothesline of the new generation – and line dry all those laundry into perfection, which saves you money on electric bill (even dryer maintenance fees!), dryer sheets (bleach and fabric softener, too!), and an entirely different wardrobe (less lint, static cling, and snagging!).

Thanks to its compact measurement of 1.54m deep and 0.70m wide that only needs a reasonable wall area of 1.64m x 1.2m, you never have to put up with the harsh and expensive spin cycle ever again – and still enjoy clothes that look better, smell fresher, and last longer!

  • can accommodate the low drying requirements of 1 to 2 persons 
  • 5 lines with 72mm line spacing 
  • 7.5 metres of total hanging space 
  • fits single sized sheets 
  • smooth fold down action for easy one hand operation 

The Daytek Distinct Difference

The Daytek Fold Down Clothesline Range is distinct in its design and function for optimal compatibility with narrow, tight, and awkward installation spaces.

It can be drilled on an existing flat wall outdoors for maximum sun exposure or installed on any sturdy mounting surface indoors to provide hanging lines within arm’s reach.

Whichever way it is used, any product from the Daytek Fold Down Clothesline Range doesn’t need high installation requirement and such a breeze to fold down for minimal visual impact.

The distinct design and function of the Daytek Fold Down Clothesline Range makes it one of the strongest and longest lasting products of its type in the market today. No wonder the Australian Design Council bestowed it the Good Design Award in 2013.

Item inclusion:

  • 2 x Pre-Assembled Side Arms 
  • 1 x Front Bar (In Twin Fold Down unit x 2) 
  • 1 x Installation Manual 
  • 2 x Plastic Corner Elbows (In Twin Fold Down unit x 4) 
  • PVC line cord 


Wall fittings and/or masonry anchors are not included in the product delivery. Contact a reputable hardware store to supply you with the right components for your specific mounting installation setting.

Happiness Guaranteed!

And because your 100% satisfaction is our main goal, we offer a full refund within a 100-day period for any washing line or laundry line product you buy. We offer excellent clothesline options and efficient clothesline service at the most competitive price in the market!



    Brand Daytek
    Suitable For 1 - 2 People
    Width Across the Wall 1.54m
    Depth Off Wall 0.70m
    Total Line Space 7.5m
    Number of Lines 5
    Space Between Lines 72mm
    Area Required 1.64m x 1.2m
    Compatible with Cover No
    Warranty 15 Years