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Clothesline Restring and Rewire Service

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Clothesline Restring and Rewire Service

Bring your old clothesline back to life!

Restore it to its former tenacity, power, and glory!

Experience a renewed vitality in your clothes drying task!

Let the Professional Restring and Rewire Service come to the rescue!

  • Flat rate of only $195.00 
  • No more than an hour or two 
  • We restring any make or model of outdoor clothesline! 

Cost-Effective, Time-Efficient Service

You can expect authorised specialists with relevant training and experience in the installation, restringing, and rewiring of any type of outdoor clothesline unit for all residential homes to provide you with the Professional Restring and Rewire Service.

  • High quality polycore plastic cord line or new galvanised wire 
  • Customised service depending on your clothesline unit 
  • 12 months warranty 

Protect The Integrity Of Your Lines

Never have to compromise the quality of your lines due to lack of skills or an unexpected blunder. Let authorised specialists handle the job with careful precision and optimum competence.

Prolong The Usefulness Of Your Lines

Enjoy your lines for many years to come because they have been handled with first-rate professionalism – a really great deal that could mean additional savings for you!

Clothesline Restring and Rewire Service available for:

  • Traditional Hills Hoist models 
  • Folding rotary clotheslines 
  • Fold down washing lines (wall mounted & free standing) 
  • Retractable laundry lines 
  • All clothesline brands including Hills, Austral, City Living, Sunbreeze, TopDry 

Note: The Clothesline Restring and Rewire Service is not available for Daytek Clothesline units.