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Clothesline Installation Service

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Clothesline Installation Service

Busy schedule preventing you from installing your new clothesline unit?

Worried that your lack of installation know-how will damage the unit or its installation area?

Want to ensure that the product will be properly installed and won’t lose its warranty coverage?

Don’t panic. Professional clothesline installers are on their way!

Why Choose Professional Clothesline Installers

Choosing professional installation of any clothesline product you purchased can guarantee any or all of the following:

(1) 100% optimal use of your available space
(2) Maximum efficiency of your unit
(3) The utmost convenience and satisfaction of the primary user during your clothes drying task

Recommended Installation Areas

Clothesline units, whether ground mounted, wall mounted, post mounted, or ceiling mounted can be drilled or attached into or onto most surfaces commonly found inside or outside most types of residential homes today.

  • Grass or soil areas in backyards, courtyards, or gardens 
  • Concrete slabs , pavers, and tiles 
  • Concrete walls and brick walls 

Professional Advice on Installation Issues

  1. If the only available installation surface is on a fence made from timber, colorbond, or weatherboard, clothesline installers can offer an alternative mounting installation to ensure the stability and integrity of the unit. 
  2. If the unit needs to be installed on a rock or if there is a need for striking or breaking a rock during the digging process, clothesline installers shall use a jackhammer to ensure a swift and thorough process. 
  3. If the unit can only be installed into solid rock formations, decks, paving, or concrete pads, a core drilling service will be involved in the installation process. 

About the Installation Service

Standard Installation: $155.00 (flat rate)
Core Drilling:+$100.00 (per hole)
Hole Diameter (for Core Drilling):125mm to 250mm only
Cover Installation:additional charges