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Austral Super 4 Clothes Hoist

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Austral Super 4 Rotary Clothesline

What comes to your mind when we’re talking about superior clothes drying capabilities?

Yes, you have your electric dryer, always available at one touch of a button.

But can you imagine how much energy it consumes and how much money you have to sacrifice just so it could run?

Why drive yourself up to the wall with your high electric bill every month when there’s a far better solution than the expensive spin cycle?

That’s where the Austral Super 4 Rotary Clothesline enters.

Ample line space that can accommodate the regular to high drying requirements of 3 to 5 persons? Check.

Galvanised steel lines with wide line spacing? Check.

Long line lengths that can fit king sized sheets without scrunching? Check.

Breeze brake for one position pegging during extremely windy days? Check.

Waterproof cover for inclement weather conditions and protection against the sun’s harsh UV rays? Check.

Need we say more?

Don’t forget: Allot 5 metres of clearance space for the unit to be properly positioned and for optimal drying capacity that won’t cause any inconvenience to the primary user.

The ground mounted unit: Drill it on an existing concrete area in the middle of the backyard or courtyard for optimum sun exposure that will provide perfectly dried clothes sans high energy bills.

Pick an installation schedule: Expect prompt and efficient service from professional clothesline installers.

What you get:

  • 1 x Clothesline Frame 
  • 1 x Standard Clothesline Cord 
  • 1 x Instruction Manual 
  • 4 x Fasteners 

Happiness Guaranteed!

And because your 100% satisfaction is our main goal, we offer a full refund within a 100-day period for any washing line or laundry line product you buy. We offer excellent clothesline options and efficient clothesline service at the most competitive price in the market! 



Brand Austral
Suitable For 1 - 3 People
Total Line Space 40.4m
Handle Case Aluminium
Outside Line Length 2.82m
Warranty 10 Years
Diameter of Head 4m
Will Fit King Size Sheets? Yes
Space Recommended 5m
Number of Lines 6
Gearing Heavy Duty Plastic Construction
Line Spacing 0.29 to 0.365 inner to outer lines