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Austral Addaline 35 Clothesline

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Austral Addaline 35 Clothesline

It’s not just about completely giving up your overdependence on your electric tumble dryer but more about being in control of your energy consumption at home without compromising the desire to get perfectly dried clothes that have that smell fresher, feel cleaner, and last longer.

Skipping the tumble drying process in favour of using an amazing clothesline unit like the Austral Addaline 35 Clothesline is the most logical solution whatever washing demand or drying requirements you might have.

With the amazing Austral Addaline 35 Clothesline, you can tackle all those big loads of laundry on the weekends or accomplish quick and light washes in odd hours of the day – without putting up with unfair electricity rate spikes.

With 39 metres of total hanging space and a dual folding frame that works independently of each other, it is perfectly capable of accommodating:

  • Laundry for 3 to 6 persons 
  • At least 2 washing loads all at the same time 
  • Different types of clothing items 
  • Even queen sized sheets and linens without scrunching 

Get the wall mounted version: if you want to drill it on a brick wall on the side of your house or on a sturdy fence post.

Purchase the ground mounting kit: if you want to drill it on an existing concrete area in your available outdoor space to allow direct sunlight to dry your clothes swiftly and thoroughly.

Schedule an installation visit: if you want to benefit from the amazing Austral Addaline 35 Clothesline right away.

What you’ll find in the box:

  • 1 x Clothesline Frame 
  • 1 x Standard Clothesline Cord 
  • 1 x Instruction Manual 
  • 4 x Fasteners 



    Brand Austral
    Country of Manufacture Australia
    Suitable For 5 or More People
    Width Across Wall 2.4m
    Depth Off Wall 1.5m
    Total Line Space 35m
    Small Frame Depth 0.6m
    Compatible with Cover? Yes
    Warranty 10 Years
    Number of Lines 15
    Area Required 2.5m x 2m